We are interested in several broad areas where technologies are helping explore, support and advance understanding of legal reasoning, the delivery of legal services and access to justice and legal information.These include, but are not limited to, the following programmes of work.

Data for advocacy and policy design

This initiative involves systematic data collection and analysis to support evidence-based decision-making in law, governance, and public policy. By providing advocates and policymakers with robust data, the program aims to enable informed strategies, influence positive change, and design policies grounded in empirical evidence. It entails identifying key data sources, using analytical tools, and translating findings into actionable recommendations, fostering a data-driven approach to advocacy and policy development through, for example, responses to calls for evidence.

Access to law

This programme focuses on enhancing accessibility to legal information and services. This initiative involves streamlining pathways for individuals and communities to access essential legal resources. We aim to bridge the gap in legal knowledge and empower individuals to understand and navigate legal systems more effectively. It encompasses efforts to simplify legal processes, make information more readily available, and create tools that facilitate better understanding of legal rights and obligations.

Legal Informatics

Legal Informatics centres on leveraging advanced technologies and data science methodologies to enhance legal processes and information systems. This initiative involves the application of informatics principles to organise, analyse, and manage legal data, fostering more efficient and effective legal practices. The program aims to bridge the gap between law and technology, exploring innovative solutions to streamline legal workflows, improve information retrieval, and enhance decision-making processes within the legal domain.

Open-Source Software and Research

The "Open-Source Software and Research" programme centres around the development and dissemination of freely accessible legal tools and resources. This initiative involves creating open-source software tailored to the UK legal context, fostering collaboration and innovation within the legal tech community. The program aims to democratise access to legal technology, enabling practitioners, researchers, and the public to benefit from shared resources. Through collaborative research and development, the program supports the growth of an open and accessible legal tech ecosystem, promoting transparency and adaptability in legal practices across the UK.


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